5 Reasons You Need A Day At The Spar

In today’s world, life can often be stressful and challenging. Most of us get lost in daily tasks and duties
without even noticing that we actually need to take some time to ourselves. In order to be physically
and mentally healthy, re-charging is key. One of the most enjoyable ways to do this is by having a spa

If you think spa days are a luxury, you’re wrong! In today’s world, it’s considered a necessity. Here are 5
reasons why treating yourself with a relaxing spa treatment is worth your time and money:

1. Great Looking Skin:
One effective remedy for great, glowing skin is facials and luckily, these facials are more often than not
included in spa treatments. Getting a facial renews your skin giving you a healthy and youthful glow.
These facial treatments range from cleansing, exfoliation and treatment products. The benefits of facials
do not end at just relaxation, but facials also help maintain your skin; removing signs of aging by
smoothing wrinkles, acne and breakouts. Facials remove dead skin cells, allowing shiny new ones to be

These physical and mental benefits of a spa day are what you need to not only de-stress but also for
your health. It is no surprise that you begin to feel happy after a spa day as getting a massage releases
serotonin which is great for your mental health, state of mind and mood. After a day at the spa, you
would obviously be relaxed with great skin and ready to get back to work the next day

2. Happiness:
Massage therapy has been proven to release the hormones dopamine and serotonin so you will
immediately ‘’feel good’’ and your happiness levels will increase. Definitely, a healthier way to boost
your mood than chocolate! And less calories as well!

3. Improved Blood Flow and Circulation:
Making a spa date for yourself has quite a number of benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. One of
such is that a massage stimulates blood flow increasing circulation in the same way it also regulates
one’s blood pressure. This is helpful to your health and helps your body fight off illnesses and diseases.
Spas offer services ranging from heat therapy; hydrotherapy and massage vastly speed up circulation
and reduce blood pressure.

4. Increased Productivity:
There is something about taking the day off to relax that leaves you feeling brand new. Looking good
and in turn feeling good not only benefits your mood but also increases your productivity level. For
instance, a fresh set of beautifully painted nails can be a reminder that your life is in order; a feeling you
can also transfer to carrying out your day-to-day activities. Taking out a day to pamper yourself might
just be the incentive you need to do more when performing your functions.

5. Relieves Body Pain & Ache:
It is not news that more often than not doctors recommend massages as a form of pain relief. A good
massage takes away not only aches and pain, but it also helps with joint pain conditions like arthritis.
The only thing you have to do is to inform your therapist of pre-existing conditions before the massage.
This way they know the exact areas to focus on. It is recommended that you take a spa day at least once
a month for your muscles’ sake.

Spending a day at a spa and enjoying these benefits might be the morale booster and stress relief
therapy you need to get on with work.
Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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