Dark Skin Skincare Set

We have taken out time to combine some of our products to create a Dark Skin Skincare Set to help people our melanin kings and queens archiver their various skin goals.

Dark Skin Skincare Set

Brightening Set: We recommend our Citrus Scrub + Carrot Soap + Carrot Lotion with continuous use would give up to 2 shades lighter complexion

Dark Skin Skincare Set

Dark Skin Body Product: We recommend our Exfoliating Black Soap or Goat Milk Shower Gel + Citrus Scrub + Glow Body Cream or Glow Lotion

Best Acne Treatment Set in Nigeria

Dark Skin Face Regimen for normal skin: We recommend our Saffron 2 in 1 Face mask + Rose Hydrating Toner + Age-Defying Glow Face cream

Stubborn Acne/Pimples Treatment: We recommend our Acne Black Soap used in the morning + Oats Purifying Toner + Spirulina Detoxifying 2 in 1 Face Mask

Acne Treatment (Dark Skin): We recommend our Purifying Cleansing Gel + Spirulina Detoxifying 2n1 Face Polish + Age-Defying Glow Moisturizer+ Oats Purifying Toner