Want To Be Intentional About Your Skin Care? Try These Tips

Woke up with a breakout yet again? What a nightmare!

We live in a time where skincare is an ESSENTIAL practice to indulge in. Many would say “a good
looking skin is a result of following a tedious skincare routine and a healthy skincare tip”, it is not a
miracle that falls upon you!

Want to be intentional about your skincare? Try these tips:

1. Organic and Chemical free is the new cool
Gone are the days where skincare loaded with chemicals and fragrance formulations were in
fashion. Naturally derived, organic superfoods are what your skin craves, with healing properties, all
products formulated by Halitta are organic and cruelty-free.

2. Hoard
Your skin is not a science project. Be mindful of being too experimental. It requires conscious care.
Laying products over products has often been frowned upon as it leads to breakouts and reactions.
For teenagers, it is advisable to use organic formulations, rather than products loaded with chemicals
and fragrance formulations, as the chemicals can make your skin old. Set your routine and mark your
skin goals; follow natural glowing skincare tips, and include products that have been patch tested
before regular application.

Organic and chemical-free skincare products are the answer to all your skin problems.

3. Reminder- Don’t pop that pimple, treat it!
One of the best skincare tips is not to touch your face unnecessarily and not to pop that pimple; as
it can spread on your skin and infect a larger part of your face. It can also lead to scars, blemishes,
and wrinkles, follow skin beauty tips. Also, there are many organically formulated products to treat
breakouts. (Ask us for recommendations)

4. Cleanse. HYDRATE. Moisturize. Repeat!
The age-old trick to glowing skin has been to have loads of water. But what leaves the hydration
journey incomplete is the fact that only inner hydration is not enough. Pair it with outer hydration
for healthy, acne-free skin!

To hydrate and improve your skin health, Choose from the right ingredients, ranging from; serums,
oils, and moisturizers.

5. Exfoliate your way to clean skin:
Just like the toxic people in your life, you need to also scrub out the toxins from your skin. Exfoliate
to remove the dead skin cells and impurities to get that clear skin you’ve been dreaming about. To
achieve this, a proper, chemical-free, pH-neutral scrub is important to exfoliate without breaking the
skin barrier.

Skinvestment is your way

Investing time and money into a healthy glowing skin future is what your today demands. Spend
some time on your skin; cleanse it, treat it and pamper it. Invest time in treating your skin problems
instead of hiding them under make-up, and oh don’t forget to clean your make-up brushes (they
happen to be a powerhouse of infection-causing bacteria).

Be intentional about your skincare routine today.

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